Types of Lawyers for Different Cases

Finding the right lawyers may be the main ingredient for a smooth legal proceeding.  A key important aspect of a divorce proceeding that cannot be overlooked in any way is who gets custody of the children. This is where a good family lawyer in Sydney comes in and has to make sure a parental schedule for the children will be followed. The divorcing couple is usually advised by their lawyers to settle these types of disputes in an out of court manner. All of the agreed arrangements shall be observed and respected and cannot be dealt with by any court of law. However, the divorcing couples can request that the court observe their agreement legally through the help of their lawyers with corresponding proof of the agreement. Any parent can make changes in any part of the agreement unless ordered otherwise by the court. These court approved legal agreements must be observed with a written order by the court.

These lawyers can certainly assist during this stage of the proceedings by helping the parties agree on things and giving them the pros and cons within legal limits. Lawyers can help the two parties agree on topics like spousal alimony. A child support dispute can also be tackled with the help of the lawyers for better understanding and representation of the law. In line with this, family law in Australia states that both parents will have to have a shared custody of the children. Both parents need to cooperate with each other in raising their children while being apart. The court holds both parents fully responsible for the children’s care and well being until they reach the legal age of 18 years old.


Courts in Australia will certainly look into every detail of the divorce and set their judgments depending on such. Family lawyers Sydney will certainly have their work cut out for them in the proceedings as they themselves will have to present their clients case. They have to deal with two painstaking aspects. First is the child or children involved and their welfare. Second is the distribution of property and cash.

Another type of attorney or lawyer should be called upon when it comes to Driving Under the Influence cases. DUI lawyers are granted criminal lawyers status and their main job is to defend the offending parties in a DUI case.

The problem lies in the fact that DUI laws are constantly altered and this is why it is important that a DUI offender must choose the best drink driving solicitors Sydney so they can have a chance at the case.

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