Sweden Travel Recommendations

swedenplaceIf you want a carefree place to relax, Sweden is indeed the right place for you. Locals in this country usually left to do their own things, and rights go hand in hand with duties.

The best time to visit the Northern or Southern Sweden would be on May to September where summer could be fun and refreshing. However, if your vacation falls in winter, there are still a lot of things that you should not miss doing there such as skiing and visiting their famous hotel. The country is known for its first and largest hotel in the whole world. This hotel is entirely made of ice and snow.

Half of the land surface of the country is covered with forest punctuated by 100,000 astonishing lakes. It is the considered to be the third largest country in Western Europe that is located just behind France and Spain.

The majority of the Swedes live in most of its cities and towns that are located in the southern third of the country. Stockholm city is one of the most beautiful and supreme where fourteen different elegant islands are situated. The city is comprised of 24,000 islands which can be a perfect remedy to the urban fuss. On the other hand, the city of Gothenburg is also one of the most appealing destinations for tourists. This is the country’s second city where the friendliest Swedes live.

Traveling to different places in Sweden would take you a very long journey, but if you are the type of traveler who loves to take extreme adventure, then you can explore every city at your pace with a car hire company. Aside from taking your most adventurous car driving experience, you can also save much money in buying expensive air ticket.

Many travelers said that driving in Sweden is a dream, especially if you reach USA from Sweden by car, then it would be a great accomplishment while enjoying the vacation at the same time. You will just need a driver’s license to get a destination. There is no need to provide any international driving license as this is not a requirement. It is better for you to book a car hire in advance so you can also have enough time to research about their driving regulations to avoid unwanted penalties.

If renting a car in Sweden, you should also include the budget for the fuel expense. Their petrol or “bensin” cost is around 15kr per liter. If possible, you can ask the car hire company or agency on the estimated fuel consumption for every place you want to visit so you can estimate the budget. Compare travel insurance cover before your trip, this is the most important thing to have a peace of mind on your holidays where ever you go.

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