Understanding the VoIP System

VoIP is the abbreviation for Voice over Internet Protocol/IP and this IP phone system is simply having the phone calls routed over the local network/LAN or the internet. These VoIP phone systems are beneficial for individuals and corporate use for many reasons. One major pro is that there is no need for telephone network when making calls. This in turn greatly minimizes the bills for phone calls. This is not to mention the technical advantages offered by using the technology of IP for telephony. How to use this system? For the hardware part, you simply plug the IP phone system to the LAN port. Registration of the system will then take place. The IP phone will always keep the number and will act and perform similarly, no matter what LAN port you plug it in.

voip2How this system does wonders for a corporate setting? Low costs of VoIP technology and bandwidth efficiency are two main positive points of this technology and businesses are taking these advantages in order to minimize their monthly bill from their phone use. In fact, majority of the private branch exchange lines as well as hosted PBX lines that are installed locally internationally were using the technology of VoIP. IP phone systems are generally embedded on standard computer or hardware. These setups are more powerful and cost-effective than the traditional phone. This system is also scalable and not limited to a particular number of phone ports that are physical. Thus, there is no need for replacing the phone system when the business grows.

The IP phone system usually costs about 10% of the traditional phone system. Such lower cost comes with great features, better than the traditional. Additionally, many onsite IP PBX systems have no limitation to the maximum number of user or phones.

Another pro is that there is no need for this system to deal with wiring that you can see with traditional telephones. Customer services are another aspect that you can fully utilize in hosted PBX. IP PBX systems typically have more advanced and innovative features than the traditional systems of telephony. These features include voicemail systems, call queues, automatic attendants and email notifications, just to name a few.

Businesses are progressive these days and so is the need for effective communication. Traditional tools are all right, but it must blend with the newer, innovative and reliable system that will further enhance the output and this is what VoIP is all about.

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