Adventures in Poland

Here are some suggestions on where to go in Poland to discover one of a kind adventure.

1. Auschwitz

Where to go: Auschwitz concentration camps
Why go? To take up close encounter of the horrors of World War II and to remember to never let this happen again.
Must-see hotspot: Get spine-chilling experience trekking the three main camps where incarcerated prisoners of WW II were deployed and see the horrifying artifacts used to dehumanized helpless victims of WW II atrocities.
Cosmos to-do -Book your stay at any nearby hotel and enjoy authentic and healthy Polish dishes and heart-warming Polish liquor. Taxi is cheap but it could be cheaper if you have car rental  to revisit the camps anytime when you feel like not having enough ghostly experience.

2. Krakow

polandWhere to go: Krakow’s Old Town
Why go?  It is to see and enjoy a well-preserved Polish city. This medieval city is the largest medieval square in all Europe and it got everything that will remind us all of medieval past.
Must-see hotspot: Walks through rows of old building including historic castles, century-old cathedrals, and the Town Hall Tower and ponder how life was during the medieval era get the chance to shop at  the cloth Hall and experience Sukiennice; a medieval textile trading that helped shape Europe’s’ trading.
Cosmos-to do: Shop till you drop at Krakow’s shopping malls like Galeria Krakowska, Galeria Kazimierz and Factory outlet. When roaming around Krakow it best when you have a car hire and explore Krakow’s shopping malls without worrying about train schedules. See here for cheap car hire.

3. Katowice

Where to go: The town center and its neighboring towns. The town may not have anything grandiose like of that in Krakow or Warsaw but it is a place where authentic Polish community and culture can be found. It is a place where Poland recent history can be traced and there is a plethora of the old Russian influences.  Roaming the town by car provided by a Katowice car rental will get one closer to Polish culture than in any other place in Poland as the town bears all that is of Polish character.

Must-see hotspot: Katowice Historical Museum is one of the best museums in Poland and the Christ the King cathedral inspired with vivid details and relics of the first Christian churches. Cosmos-to-do: Enjoy  a walking tour along modern but still very Polish townhouses, start a beer bar and get a little tipsy with Polish best selling beer; the Tyskie Gronie .

Poland offers great outdoor experience and interesting places that offer one of a kind life adventures

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