Private Building Certifiers: Is It Worth The Time and Money?

When building or doing home improvements, you can go to your local council to apply for all the certifications you need. However, you can engage private certifiers in Sydney to start your developments. But, the question is; is it worth the time and money when you hire private certifiers? Let’s take a look at the advantages.

Combined services

build_certifiers2Private certifiers in Sydney offer combined services, which means helping clients from the initial stage of the project application submission or the process of preparing DA. Since private certifiers are connected with an organization, it’s the builder’s responsibility of ensuring all planning instruments such as controls and policies have been identified and satisfied including types of development and locations. The private certification service goes through to the final completion of the project with certifications and detailed construction plans, and development specifications are consistent and in compliance with the building code of Australia. Since the private certifier is with combined services, all certifications needed are completed including special works or projects such as certification for swimming pool projects.  The combined services allow clients to save time and money.

Covered locations

Location is very important in obtaining certification as certifiers are only prescribed to certify based on locations covered. With a private building certification company in Sydney with license to service all areas of Sydney and NSW, clients don’t have to worry on location coverage and since private certifiers are accredited with the local council, they can easily communicate with the council staff and other peer certifiers.

Fast and efficient application assessment

Delays will cost builders some money. But, with fast and efficient application assessment, private certifiers in Sydney prepare the initial stage of DA within 2-3 days and construction can commence immediately.

Advanced technology

Private certifiers usually use advanced electronic system that allows projects to be managed in efficient and timely manner. Clients are informed immediately of the progress of the projects in all stages including site inspections, surveys, and updates on approvals and occupancy certifications.

Established track record

Track record is crucial when engaging building certifiers. Those who have successfully established good long-term relationship with developers, builders, and project managers had earned good track record and solid reputation as member of the industry, and such quality motivates many private certifiers to do and give the best service and it is for the advantage of their clients.

All of these advantages simply imply choosing private building certifiers is worth the time and of course the money.

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