The Right Blush-on for your Skin Type

Choosing the right blush is one the biggest challenges ever woman encounters. This 2013 tons of blush on shades are out in the market. You might find it difficult to choose the right blush on for your skin but the with the right guidelines, you can come up with the best look for make up that will match any occasion. It is important to note that too much make up can result to a clownish appearance while too little can make you less attractive. Hence, any cosmetic product must be applied in moderation.

Wearing a make-up is like finding the right outfit for an occasion. Before the application of any cosmetic on the face, it is essential to determine the color of your skin in order to have a perfect make up match.

blushThe Most Recommended Blush on Application for 2013

Applying blush-on depends on three groups of skin: fair skin, medium skin and dark skin. Regardless of what make up you have, your kits must always have two shades of blush on which are pink and peach. Therefore, when you purchase cosmetics online, you know the basic blush on shades to buy. Once you have these to essential colors, you can apply your make up without any fear of mismatch.

Fair Skin

If your skin is occupied with too many freckles or if your skin burns easily, your skin is categorized as porcelain skin. With this type, you need to use a lighter shade of blush on. Always remember that lighter is best for fair skin. Whether you choose to use a powder or liquid foundation, use a brush to apply any of these evenly on the cheek.

Medium Skin

Around 80% of women in the world fall under the medium skin tone category. Because of this, the makeup industry used this skin color as template in manufacturing cosmetic products that apply to most women today. As a rule of thumb, medium skin toned women must use a blush on with the shades of deep peach or rose pink. The application must not be too light and not be too dark. By using an angled brush, you can apply the blush on perfectly on the cheek.

Dark Skin

For those women who fall under the category of dark skin, the best blush on shades must be anything from rose pink to dark orange. Apply any of these shades, in moderation because too dark or too light will ruin the entire makeup.

Always remember that the kind of blush on you use will either turn you into a princess or a scary creature. Therefore, only buy the correct blush on shade from online cosmetics.

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