tipsSo, you are fresh out of college and got a decent job for yourself with a decent salary. If you think that earning a salary is already difficult, think about the challenges of managing your own money. While you are still under your parent’s control, you are given a specific allowance but if it did not pay up all your needs and obligations, you can easily ask for more. Bad news, it’s different when you are out on your own in the real world. You have to learn how to manage whatever you are getting as your salary to avoid descending on a bottomless pit called debt.

* Stick to your budget. If you have to put for later the purchase of that gadget you are eyeing, do so. Spending money wisely is all about separating your needs from your wants and learning how to prioritize the necessities.

* Practice credit card control. Yes, credit cards give you purchase power. If you do not get hold of yourself, however, you are in for the temptation of spending beyond your means and that’s not good.

* Save. Yes, the real world may present many appealing things to spend on but there are even more important reasons for you to keep a part of your salary in the bank.

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