Marriage Proposal Ideas That Work

Your wedding journey begins as soon as the idea of entering into one crops up in your mind. From that day forward, you will have lots of planning to do, with a wedding photographer in Sydney by your side. You certainly would want each important milestone of the journey documented in pictures, right?

The Proposal, a big event

One of the first things to think about is how to ask your lady love to walk down the aisle with you waiting at the altar. A marriage proposal must be carefully planned to ensure getting a positive response as well as to sweeten this once-in-a-lifetime event (hopefully!), exactly like your wedding. A wedding photographer in Sydney must be in attendance as much as close family and friends should be there to witness. Remember that your goal is to make a big impression and making sure that everything is preserved in lens. Here are a few more guidelines to help you draft a “pop the Q” drama and make it work.

proposalChoose your audience. You can make the proposal in private or in the presence of those who would love to share the moment with you. But, since this is a very important event, we suggest that you at least keep a wedding photographer in Sydney close by, masked either as a bystander or as anybody in the crowd or as the professional himself. Others that you may want to stand as witness to your show may include your best friends, your wife-to-be’s family and closest friends.

Pick a location. Where you pop-up the question is very important in making an impact. The location is either a memorable place that you share as lovers or some place you want to mark new memories with. Whatever is the case, be sure that the space is appropriate for the cause. You may ask experts in wedding photography in Sydney for suggestions on the most romantic, photographic locations to stage your proposal.

Do it in perfect timing. Timing is another important factor to consider. Just like with the two considerations, you have to skilfully think about this, depending on the kind of impression you want to make.

To date, there are a hundred and one proposal ideas available. Their effects quality will clearly depend on how well you know your partner because that’s the only way you can tell what pleases her. Additionally, you should be creative enough presenting yourself, especially if you want it captured by Sydney photography wedding professionals. Impressions do last.

Weddings are special, and so is the proposal. Relive that reaction of your bride-to-be with photos and video, visit

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