Leadership Development: Tips for New Managers

leadership2So you have been promoted! What’s next? New managers are often overwhelmed with the recent career development they barely know what the next step is.

Although you have been promoted, mostly showing off you have the skills to take a leadership post, it is still very important that you admit to yourself you need some flourishing. It would not hurt to go through a couple of leadership programs that will ensure you will do well in your new responsibilities as a manager. Each day is a learning process; that learning process never stops.


Wake Up to Reality

There are a lot of adjustments you will have to take in assuming a new job post. First and foremost, leverage yourself. You have to realize that it is no longer just working on a job to do. As a manager, you are tasked to lead a team, to lead some people so they become productive and assets to the company.

Most managers tend to lay their hands on the work at hand. They were promoted for doing really at that work in the first place. Then again, you have to be clear that it is no longer your duty. Your main purpose for the company is employee development, team coaching. You are tasked to ensure the people under you are doing their job well without doing their job for them.


Learn from the Seasoned Pros and from your Team

Leadership is both a science and an art. It is also an acquired skill. Leadership development is all about opening your eyes to the fact that some have performed this task well and they can make a difference on how you perform yours. Do not be afraid to ask for advice from those who have come before you. You will fast track the learning process with the guidance and help of seasoned professionals.

When you need ideas, you must be open to the contributions of your team members as well. Their inputs as well as those of your colleagues will contribute to a better impression of what this new job truly entails.


Do Serious Learning

There are various resources available online about executive coaching. You may also enroll in seminars on developing leadership skills. As mentioned above, you should not stop learning. Take this opportunity of being promoted to enhance what you already know. It will be much easier to make the transition if you are well-informed and armed for the new challenges up ahead.

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