Your Rights and Responsibilities As A Worker

Every worker has his/her rights according to Law. However, navigating through complicated regulations covering contracts, pay, and training can also be difficult. In most cases, it makes a lot of sense to avail of representation and other services offered by industry groups or associations that can help you navigate through these legislations.

worker_rights1If you are, for example, a tradesman who is self-employed rather than as an employee of a construction company, there is a lot of paperwork that you have to understand. Every single time you are hired for a project you have to make sure all contracts are in order. You will also have to file most documents yourself. If you are not aware of all the paperwork you have to fulfill, you might end up getting in trouble. This is why industry groups and other consultants are on hand to clarify these responsibilities for you.

It is also very important to be aware of your rights as a contractor, for example, when it comes to award rates of pay. There are laws that protect you from being mistreated and cheated when it comes to fair pay. Without someone to fight for your rights, especially when it comes to matters of industrial relations, you are at a great disadvantage. Legal representation or even just advice can help you identify what steps you can take to get what is due to you, namely fairness and security of payment.

Moreover, workplace health and safety is another important issue that you should look out for. Working in construction or other relevant fields can mean that any violation of in safety practices is dangerous. These strict regulations exist to protect the worker. If you feel that your well-being is compromised due to improper practices or lacking protocols, you should speak up. As a member of an association, you can gain the support of the organization as you file your complaint.

Beyond issues on contracts, pay, and safety, joining an industry group will give you access to options to improve yourself. Training to improve your craft and even update your skills are available, to ensure that all members are capable and confident in their work. Moreover, you keep yourself employable and competitive, with the higher chance of being hired and paid more than other tradesmen.

These are just the basic advantages you gain by being a member of an association of people involved in your trade. While still working independently, you become an instant member of a family that will protect you and guide you in work matters.

The building industry is a broad field of career and that it requires a middleman every time a dispute arise or to know the responsibilities of each party. Hence, consult

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