The Fundamentals of Applying for Commercial Loans

rd1One of the most vital elements of starting a business – whether that is big or small – is capital. A lot of people think that using the money they have saved is what they should use as principal. However, financial experts believe that it is smarter to apply for commercial loans instead.

No one said that borrowing money from banks and other financial agencies is easy. First of all, you need to make sure that you are eligible to get a loan.

You could do this by taking a look at your credit report. All credit agencies give a copy of this annually, free of charge. See that you obtain one so that you would know your standing and make the necessary corrections, if there are mistakes. As for finance solutions, this is a must have.

Next, you should gather all your financial statements. This includes income and financial statements, balance sheets, terms of debt schedules, and documents that show your net worth.

Legal documents including business licenses, articles of incorporation, franchise agreements and contracts with third parties are must-haves too. These should be well-organized and, more importantly, accurate.

Aside from those aforementioned, banks will also look for a business plan or your projection of your future operations for commercial loans. Besides preparing a 12-month projection, see to it that you follow the industry’s standards.

They will also have numerous questions for you before approving your application. For example, they will ask how you will be spending the money you loaned, what are the assets you are planning to purchase, who your suppliers will be and who are the people in your team, among so many others.

Development finance agencies are different so one may have a different set of requirements from another. Ask for these and make sure that you submit those on time.

Don’t take their queries personally. Don’t think that it is none of their business. They want to make sure that your company will be successful because that ensures that you get to pay them in the future.

If you get rejected several times, and this does happen to many people, you might want to try those loan guarantee program that offers micro loans for small businesses.

There are numerous financial agencies where you could apply for these commercial loans. After preparing everything and organizing those well, start shopping. Don’t go for the first one you see because you might find a better deal elsewhere.

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