Name Badges and Online Trophies

If your event goal is to make people reach out, grab every opportunity to make people meet and make contact. Provide enough space for networking and make sure your guests wear appropriate name badges.

namebadgesaustraliaWhy should your guests wear name tag? First, it facilitates introduction. Second, it is a cool way to make a guest remember the guy who sits next to her, sings the loudest or who takes home the biggest pot prize. It provides them new contacts in the future.

Your guests name tag should also make you guests wear it proud. Make sure they’re designed to complement any outfit and won’t make a mess on your guests’ dressing style. The first rule is not to make them wear cheap name tag. Stay away with the small ones that will have guests squinting when reading. Don’t go for sticker badges unless your event is informal.

But, it doesn’t mean that your badges must be expensive when a simple laser or inkjet printed card in plastic pouches can serve its purpose. You can go for those metal name tag if your event happen to be in a theme complementing the design of your badges. A professional looking badge is more appropriate for events that have formal themes.

A 4’x3 horizontal badge looks professional and a 4’x6′ vertical is acceptable. A bigger badge is less likely to flip around. Make sure what’s in the badge can fit in the size like guests’ name or nickname. Staff badges must also contain the name of the staff, his affiliation and position as well as the logo or the hologram of the event organizer. Nowadays, badges contain either staff twitter or email. Make sure your badges have them.

Have your guests wear their badge with a pin or with a clip. But wearing it with a lanyard is more professionals and appropriate especially when the event is formal.

Rewards and appreciation for attendees is now a common part of any event. The latest trend is sending off online trophies for attendees who have contributed to the event’s success. There are now available websites that allow you to create a token piece of appreciation that you can send to the attendees in their email addresses or shared them via social networks like Facebook or Twitter. Some designs are free and most are cheaper than the real ones.

Recent surveys show that 80-90 percent of attendees collect and keep event’s badges and trophies at the end of the event and it shows that attendees have strong opinion regarding these events’ twosome.

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