ACI: Complete and Total Support from Start to Finish

Australian Communications and Infrastructure (ACI) is a private infrastructure and communications company with offices in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. The company provides infrastructure solutions that utilize alternative energy and delivers all your communications network needs. ACI has 70 years of experience in the design and installation of complete, ready to use communications systems, project management, manufacture of infrastructure, structural engineering and installation in the most remote or elevated areas in the country.

infrastructure-communicationsIt is the mission of ACI to ensure clients maximum gains by providing new, unified and productive solutions coupled with continuous and unsurpassed support during and also even after the project has been completed. The extensive experience of Australian Communications and Infrastructure means that the company can meet all your project needs whether it is a maintenance service, feasibility study, risk, infrastructure or asset management. Total products and services are at your disposal all the way from beginning to end. Your budget will be met, as well as your timeframe. Efficient solutions also mean that you are able to save a considerable portion of your budget.

Solutions from ACI are designed to be within the client’s financial reach. Tower infrastructure, for example, can be a huge burden for an organization when you consider the fact that this project is not small and cheap but rather expensive and huge. ACI can help ease the need for a substantial budget by keeping within the financial limits of the client and maximizing efficiency. In addition, the company also assists in the processing of paperwork necessary for the project.

Another service that ACI provides is environmental monitoring and data collection whether it needs to be done on the ground, in the air or on the water. We analyze soil and water for projects connected to mining and the development of land and buildings. We also help environmental researchers by analyzing the background of forests, waterways and wetlands. Our company has all the equipment needed to study the wind, dust, including the acoustics.

To help you realize your ideas, ACI has put together a large group of dedicated and competent employees. We made sure that our company is filled with energetic and well educated personnel from technical and administrative staff to experienced project managers – all for the purpose of giving outstanding service to clients and their projects. With Australian Communications and Infrastructure, you can be sure that all your infrastructure and communications needs are fulfilled on time and on budget.

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ACI: Complete and Total Support from Start to Finish, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating